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Mapping Journalism is a newsletter about journalism on social platforms. Here you can read about some of the most interesting journalism projects on new and emerging platforms, as told by the people who run them.

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📌 Mapping Journalism is more than a newsletter

The Mapping Journalism project started in 2019 as an attempt to create a collaborative directory of publishers on TikTok to help professionals in the media industry find inspiration to create their presence on the platform.

In recent months, the project expanded to cover also Telegram and Reddit, and it is now aiming to launch directories for other new and emerging social platforms for news.

You can find the existing directories here, and you can contribute here.

👋 And a bit about me

I am Francesco Zaffarano, a journalist who works on social media and audience development. In the past years, I have worked for The Economist, The Telegraph, la Repubblica, La Stampa, and VICE.

I also led the editorial team of news startup WILL Media, which creates social-first content to engage with an audience of GenZ and Millennials.

Currently, I am senior audience editor at Devex, the online global development community.

You can find me on Twitter, LinkedIn, Telegram, and Instagram.

📌 Acknowledgments

I write this newsletter, but it exists thanks to the help of many people who have supported and advised me. Among them are Valerio Bassan, Federica Cherubini and Matteo Moschella. A special thank you goes to Giulia Mangano and Raffaella Di Donato, who curated the art direction.

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